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1 STUPA Meditation Timer GOLD Bowl

STUPA Meditation Timer GOLD <strong><i>Bowl</i></strong>
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STUPA Meditation Timer GOLD Bowl

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Practice with the STUPA Meditation Timer listening to the guided meditations that you yourself have downloaded and introduced into your timer through an SD card entry.
104.00 $

  • Description

    The STUPA Meditation Timer


    The STUPA Meditation Timer is an interactive device which enables you

    1) to play your own downloaded sound tracks(guided meditations, meditation music, natural sounds, etc.) thanks to the micro-SD card input. Then the stupa, with its integrated loud-speaker becomes your great companion in practice, freeing you from all electronic machines, smartphone, Wi-Fi, etc.

    2) to practice without worrying about time as 3 chimes of the gong or bell signal the beginning and the end of your session;

    3) to bring your awareness back to the present moment and/or give you the opportunity to alternate different contemplation exercises as a chime can be set to play at regular intervals.


    Who will benefit from the STUPA Meditation Timer?

    Meditation and Mindfulness teachers and practitioners find this timer absolutely essential to their practice of guided meditation.

    Yoga teachers and therapists in psychology and relaxation also find this timer to be a valuable partner, as they alternately use the chime of the gong, recorded natural sounds or meditative music to help their patients relax and benefit from their session to the full without requiring any electronic equipment.

  • Wood & Shape

    Beautiful and elegant


    The stupa shape

    We have given this timer one of the many shapes of stupas which can be found in Buddhist countries in Asia. Cf http://www.fotosearch.com/photos-images/stupa.html

    We call this one “bell” because its round part is turned downward.

    The stupa timer measures 5.3 inches (13.5 cm) along its base and is 6.7 inches (17cm) high.


    The wood

    The STUPA Meditation Timer "bell" is entirely handmade of solid sycamore. It is protected by a layer of hard oil made from fast sealing natural plant oils. Our manufacturing process respects sustainable development. 

    The difference in the colour of the wood between the base and the top of the stupa is due to the fact that the round parts of the top are obtained by wood-turning while the flat parts of the base are obtained by planing/sanding, which gives the wood fibres  different qualities of oil absorption – hence the different tones.

    The sycamore belongs to the maple family. It is a valued hardwood, homogeneous and of clear, ivory color. 

  • Functioning

    Simple and easy


    The slot to introduce your micro-SD card is located in the battery box.

    Discreetly placed under the stupa, an LCD screen and soft-touch buttons make the setting of your selections both simple and extremely precise: total duration of the session; duration of the intervals; a choice of 4 different sounds (dordje, bell, low-pitched or medium-pitched gongs) and volume (from 1 to 10).


    According to your setting, you can:

    1) Listen to your own recordings: guided meditations, meditation music, natural sounds, etc.

    2) Meditate to the sound of the gong: 20 seconds after starting your timer, you will hear 3 chimes of the sound you have selected. Then, according to your setting, you will either remain in silence till the 3 chimes signaling the end of your session or hear a chime at regular intervals during this period.

    To download the full Instructions, click here.

  • Chimes

    The 4 chimes of the STUPA Meditation Timer


    The sounds of the STUPA Meditation Timer have been digitally recorded for the purest quality. The volume is adjustable (10 settings).

    To listen to the 4 different sounds: 



    Low-pitched gong

    Medium-pitched gong


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