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1 CHERRY Gong Timer

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Pack of 4 batteries

CHERRY Gong Timer
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CHERRY Gong Timer

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A uniquely beautiful and essential support to your practice.
Gong Timer :
83.00 $

  • Description

    The CHERRY Gong Timer


    The Gong Timer was specifically developed for the practice of meditation.

    In its basic version the Cherry Gong Timer enables you to practice to the sound of the gong or bell without thinking of time. Indeed 3 chimes signal the beginning and the end of your session. Moreover, you can, if you wish, set the timer so that a chime is played at regular intervals to bring your awareness back to the present moment or to give you the opportunity to alternate different exercises or objects of contemplation.

    With the AUDIO version of the Cherry Gong Timer, you will also be able to play your own downloaded sound tracks (guided meditations, meditation music, natural sounds, etc.) thanks to the micro-SD card input.


    Who will benefit from the Cherry Gong Timer?

     Meditation and mindfulness teachers and practitioners, of course. But also therapists in psychology and relaxation. Many therapists have found the Gong Timer to be a valuable partner in their practice. The serenity of the vibrating sound helps their patients relax from the very beginning of their session and then peacefully signals its end. Freed of the constraint of watching the clock, they have more clarity and presence in listening.

  • Wood & shape

    Beautiful and elegant



    The wooden part of this Gong Timer is entirely handmade of polished solid cherry.

    This wood comes from the wild cherry tree. It is a strong wood, ranging in color from rosy beige to honey.



    The Cherry Gong Timer is built to the exact proportions of the Kheops pyramid, which is considered a source of powerful energy and stability.

    It measures 5.3 inches (13.5 cm) along its base.

  • Functioning

    Simple and easy


    Discreetly placed under the pyramid, an LCD screen and soft-touch buttons make the setting of your selections both simple and extremely precise: total duration of the session (up to 3 hours); duration of the intervals; a choice of 4 different sounds (dordje, bell, low-pitched or medium-pitched gongs) and volume (from 1 to 10).



    To download the Instructions, click here.

  • Chimes

    The 4 chimes of the Gong Timer


    The sounds of the Gong Timer have been digitally recorded for the purest quality.

    The volume is adjustable (10 settings).

    To listen to the 4 different sounds:



    Low-pitched gong

    Medium-pitched gong



  • Accessories

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    Pack of 4 batteries

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    Pack of 4 rechargeable batteries

    Pack of 4 rechargeable batteries for timers and clocks.
    New Timers

    New Timers2015-03-04

    The AUDIO Gong Timer offers gong chimes but also a micro-SD card input...
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