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CREATIME is committed to providing after-sales service for all products purchased. The buyer benefits from a one-year warranty for all Gong Timers & Clocks from the date of shipping.
This warranty does not include damage due to external conditions or improper use.
This guarantee covers the exchange of all or part of a damaged product. No refund will be considered.
If you have a problem with your timer or clock, do not send it back without contacting us beforehand. In most cases the problems can be solved:

  • - Either after rebooting: take out the batteries and put them back in again
  • - Or by replacing the 4 batteries by 4 new good quality alkaline batteries.

Do not use saline or lithium batteries. When using rechargeable batteries, they may just need to be recharged more often if the timer or clock is used regularly. This is the case when:

  • - The timer cannot be started ;
  • - It can be started but it stops after a few seconds ;
  • - It can be started but it stops before the end of the session ;
  • - The sound is distorted or stops during the session ;
  • - The ON/OFF led appears but there is no sound.

If changing the batteries has no effect, please follow the indications below:

  • 1. Contact us through our contact page explaining the type of problem you have. Join the Return Form that can be downloaded via the link. Please fill it in carefully. We will try to solve your problem together.
  • 2. Should this fail, CREATIME GONG TIMERS & CLOCKS will send you a return authorization by e-mail. Please send the article back in its original packaging including:
    • • the directions for use
    • • the order number
    • • the return authorization
    • the completed return form following the contact with our after-sales service.

As soon as we receive the product, it will be checked. According to the type of problem found, we will either repair or replace it.


All of your personal data is processed automatically.
CREATIME is committed to not communicating your personal information, and will not share, sell, or rent it to any third parties.
In conformity with the law no. 78-17 of January 1978, you have the right to access this information, correct any errors, as well as the right to have your personal data removed from our database.
Should you wish to exercise this right, simply contact us in one of the following ways:

Les Gouvernaux 2
26120 CHABEUIL France

Terms of sale

Order :

Any person who orders through this website must accept the terms and conditions of these Terms of Sale.
Customers place their orders in accordance with the specifications mentioned on the website.
An order placed by the customer will be validated by CREATIME only after:

  • - our bank's credit card Internet server has accepted payment for purchases made by credit card.
  • - our bank has received and accepted the check for purchases made by check.
  • - our bank informs us it has received a money transfer for purchases made by bank transfer.

CREATIME reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer currently under dispute for payment of a previous order.
In the process of verifying client information, our customer service department reserves the right to ask for supporting information by telephone and/or email (e.g., proof of bank transfer if the transfer is delayed).
As a result, the order may be suspended until we receive the necessary documents using one of the following means:
If these supportive documents are not sent or if they are not valid, CREATIME will be entitled to cancel the order altogether..

Online Payment :

The products and services presented on this website may be paid online by credit card, by cheque, or by bank transfer.
Online payment is secured by our bank's online server (Crédit Mutuel CIC).

Prices :

The prices of the CREATIME products mentioned on this website include all taxes, but shipping costs are not included. Shipping costs must be added as indicated in the "DELIVERY" section.
These costs are calculated on the basis of postal shipping costs in force at the time the order is placed.

Shipping and Delivery

Conditions :

Our products are shipped throughout the world either from France or from the USA.
The shipping costs are paid by the customer. They are automatically indicated when the order is filled in.
As soon as the order is shipped, customers are informed by e-mail of the COLISSIMO or FEDEX number which will make tracking possible.

Availability :

The availability of a product is indicated on the website below the picture representing the item.
If a product is not immediately available, the estimated delay is indicated at the time the order is placed.
Should a product be unavailable, CREATIME shall not be held responsible nor shall this give the customer the right to damages.
When a product is available, it is sent within 10 days. Due to various reasons, this delay may extend up to 3 weeks during the summer or holiday period.

Risk Transfer :

The delivery is considered completed when the customer receives it from the freight carrier. It is embodied in the FEDEX receipt for the USA and Canada or the COLISSIMO receipt for the rest of the world.
The products travel at the risk of the carrier. Therefore, in case of damage of the product on arrival, it is the buyer's responsibility to send the product back within 3 days accompanied by a statement of the damage, following the procedure described below.

Claim and Return

Upon product delivery, the customer must check for any damage.
Should the delivered products not be in accordance with the specifications on the delivery note, whether in nature or quantity, or should they have been damaged during shipping, the customer must:

  • fill in the delivery note, clearly describing any discrepancies or damages due to shipping,
  • include this note with the product in its original packaging and its accompanying documents, and
  • send everything by post to CREATIME within 3 days at the expense of CREATIME.

CREATIME will then promptly contact the customer and a new delivery will be scheduled for any available product.
After this period of 3 days, customers will have to send the product back to CREATIME at their own expense and ask for an exchange, which will be sent for free for any available item.
Whatever the damage, this will not give customers the right to a refund of their payment.

Operating the product for the first time

Customers are responsible for setting up the clock or timer received from CREATIME.
The delivered products are accompanied by operating instructions.


CREATIME will not be responsible for any losses or damages resulting from the use or inability to use the product.

Title retention clause

It is agreed that the items delivered and invoiced to the customer remain CREATIME's property until full payment for them has been received.
Should no payment be received, the items can be reclaimed by CREATIME.
These dispositions do not hinder the transfer of risks to the buyer in case of loss or damage to the products from the date of delivery.

License and exploitation rights

The presentation and contents of this website are protected by the international conventions and laws on copyright and intellectual property and in particular author's rights, unfair competition and trademarks.
No part of this site may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior permission in writing from: CREATIME S.A.R.L